Most lessons take place in my home studio located in Milwaukie, near the 99E. During the 2018/2019 school year, I will be teaching from my home studio on Monday and Tuesday.

I also teach at Valley Catholic Music School in Beaverton, OR. During Fall 2018/2019, lessons at Valley Catholic Music School will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12pm and 6pm. We will work together to find a regular every week lesson time that follows the school schedule. Visit their website for the registration form and more information.

Please contact me if you’d like more information or would like to discuss scheduling a lesson.

Harp lessons are tailored to suit each student and their needs. Our lessons will emphasize technique, no matter the style of music, in order to get the best sound from your instrument. I have a background in classical and popular music, and I'm enthusiastic about teaching folk, Celtic, jazz, and worship, too! I'm happy to work with students to find repertoire suited to their interests and skill level. Building upon foundational pieces, each student has customized repertoire to fit their playing. Students primarily interested in classical music will have much different lessons than students who want to learn improv and playing off chords. We will also learn music theory and how it applies to your music and the harp.

Lessons can be as often as you'd like. Many start with weekly 30 minute lessons and eventually increase the time to 45 or 60 minutes. More advanced students may choose bi-monthly or monthly lesson instead.



30-minute lessons - $30

45-minute lessons - $45

60-minute lessons - $60

I also offer a 10% discount if a student purchases 10 lessons at a time. For example, if you purchase hour-long lessons in a 10 pack, it would be $540, not $600.



Want to know what lessons are like with Misty? Here is what some students have to say!

Misty Williams embodies the perfect combination of teaching skills and harp expertise. What we love most about Misty is her patience with young students, her professionalism, and her passion for harps and the advancement of the harp discipline. 
— Tran family
Misty is an incredible teacher. She’s patient, friendly, and lots of fun. Misty always strives to find music that will help her students stay inspired and confident in their music learning. I would recommend Misty to anyone wanting to learn the harp!
— Jamie C.
Misty is awesome working with our 7 year old! She is able to teach high-level musicality, musicianship and technique while making lessons fun for our daughter, tailoring the music to her motivations. Our daughter is getting the foundations for becoming a skilled harpist (should she choose) while loving practicing and playing with Misty!
— Ryan J.
As an adult student who has always wanted to learn to play the Harp, finding the right teacher to proceed is key! Misty’s versatility in helping musicians of all ages and her enthusiastic approach to the Harp, both Concert and Celtic/Lever, makes all the difference! You learn plenty at each lesson and you leave each lesson ready to tackle new music! In addition, Misty has a background in Classical repertoire and beyond, very helpful for all of us with a wide variety of goals and dreams!
— Morgan B.
When I decided, as a retiree, to live my childhood dream of learning to play the harp, I was a bit apprehensive. After all, the harp is notoriously difficult to learn and a huge investment of time and money. However, Misty has made the experience completely delightful. She is a natural teacher: extremely observant and able to communicate concepts easily. Her energy and passion for both playing and teaching make every lesson wonderful.
— Pam W.
Misty is a wonderful, patient harp teacher who generates enthusiasm toward her students. She knows her material and makes it very clear so that students can progress with ease.
— Eileen M.
Misty makes her lessons fun for the student. I’ve been encouraged and shown that I have made continuing progress, even when I can not always see it. Also, Misty informs her students (us) of the different harp events in the area. She is organized, keeps on top of things, and communicates regularly with her students. I appreciate that very much.
— Sister Maggie Pastro