Harp Rentals

Please contact me if you are interested in renting. We can set up a time for you to come by my studio in the Milwaukie area and try out the available harps.

I can deliver and pick up the harp rental to you for a fee. Please ask for more details.

I’m quite flexible on payment options, too. I accept cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo. No deposit necessary: you will simply sign a contract when you pick up the harp. Most lever and lap harps are month-to-month rentals, and I require two weeks notice when returning the harp.

Lever Harps

All of my lever harps are 34-36 strings, fully levered, and come with a carrying case or cover and a tuning key. The harps tend to rotate in and out, but there are Lyon & Healy, Aoyama, Dusty Strings, Blevins, and Triplett harps available. The lever harps range in price from $75-$85 per month. For people who need shorter term rentals, lever harps are available for $30 p/week.

Lap Harps

There are a few smaller harps available to rent, including Dusty Strings, Salvi, Breton, and custom harps. These harps have 23-26 strings, and are either completely or partially levered. The price on these harps is between $50-$60 and they all come with a padded case and tuning key. The 26 string Dusty harps also come with removable 12-inch legs. For people who need shorter term rentals, these harps are available for $25 p/week.

Pedal Harps

There are a few long term pedal harps available to rent, including Lyon & Healy, Salvi, and Venus harps.  They all come with a tuning key and other accessories are negotiable.  They are designed to be long-term rentals and thus the price is between $100-$200 p/month, depending on the harp and length of the contract. These harps are meant for home practice and should not be moved from the home without express permission. Insurance is required.

Also, there are harps for short term rentals/performances, perfect for concerts or weddings.

Salvi Symphony Semi-grand - It has 46 strings and a curved soundboard. It could come with a padded cover, dolly, stand, bench, tuning key, tuner, and full set of strings, depending on your needs. This harp is only available for short term rentals (under a week) and is $200 per event. Insurance is required.  I can transport for a fee.

Lyon & Healy Style 23 Concert Grand - It has 47 strings and a curved soundboard. It can be rented out for no more than a weekend and can not be moved to alternate locations. I’ll drop it off and pick it up. It comes with all required accessories and is $350 for the event and transportation with the PDX area. Insurance is required.

Please email to inquire about availability.