I am excited to teach students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner to music or a more advanced musician looking to discover a new instrument, the harp is an excellent choice.

Harps are beautiful and elegant instruments that are fun to play. Plus, with a bit of dedication, you’ll be amazed how easily you can make beautiful music. The harp is very straightforward and a great instrument for beginners. Besides, harps are interesting, versatile instruments that easily transition from a fun hobby into an occasional gig.

I’m a professional harpist with over thirty years of experience in all styles of music with a Master’s in Music from The University of Arizona. My background includes a focus on classical, celtic/folk, popular, worship, and jazz. Therefore, I am happy to tailor your lessons to fit your musical tastes and interests. Your lessons will also incorporate hand position and technique, scales, harmony and music theory.

Contact me today to set up a lesson. I look forward to working with you! 


Misty shares her love of harps on her Instagram